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Release the Toxins

Choosing to go on a toxin releasing adventure totally depends where you are in your own mind and whether you’re ready to do it or not. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, you s

Nimba Nature Cure Village

Nature is amalgamation of five elements Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Ether called as Panch Mahabutuas with the secret healing power for treating any disease. Our Treatments/Therapies based on these f
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Portland Practice

Portland Practice offers a unique approach to counselling. After an initial consultation session to identify needs, we will identify the therapist and consultant qualified in your particular area of c

Aceso Therapies

A small complementary/holistic health and sport injury clinic based in Hereford, offering a range of suitable therapies specific to the individual. As a qualified clinical therapist of over 15 years,

Kali Love 5 star rated and reviewed all natural holistic healer and tarot reader

Kali Love/Teri Taylor C.C.H/RMT One email away! If you are interested email for more info or call me today phone lines are open!!! MasterReikiEnergyHealer SpiritualAdvisor Cryst

Club Pilates Brentwood STL

Location: 2535 S Brentwood Blvd St. Louis MO 63144 We offer a unique blend of Pilates class formats, including Reformer Pilates with Barre, TRX, Springboard and EXO Chair, catering to all fitness lev

Club Pilates Chesterfield

Location: 122 Hilltown Village Center, Chesterfield, Missiouri 63017 We offer a unique blend of Pilates class formats, including Reformer Pilates with Barre, TRX, Springboard and EXO Chair, catering t

Mystical Roots Rising Star Healing

I work within many healing traditions. I offer private healing sessions and certification training in one of the most advanced healing systems today, Rising Star Healing. The Rising Star (representing

Spiritual Tantra Coaching

Are you looking to reignite that fire you once had inside of you? Do you feel there is an imbalance in your relationships with others and yourself? Develop that spark and passion in all aspects of you

Scott Young Counseling and Natural Health Consultant

I have been a RN since 1990 I recieved my MA Health Sciences in 2002 I have experience in clinical supervision and direct patient care.. Areas of nursing included Home Health Care. ICU, Pediatrics , L

Angelic Star Healing - Vibrational Energy Healing and Quantum Alchemy

Angelic Star is a vibrational energy healing modality that performs quantum alchemy utilizing multiversal forces of transformation and transmutation to bring about change in the spiritual, mental, emo

Holistic Health & Yoga

Moira provides loving support and guidance in yoga, holistic health and spiritual exploration to assist you in your path to self realization. Specializing in yoga, nutrition, and aromatherapy tools fo