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Moira provides loving support and guidance in yoga, holistic health and spiritual exploration to assist you in your path to self realization.
Specializing in yoga, nutrition, and aromatherapy tools for personal and spiritual growth, Moira offers classes, workshops, events, and private instruction.
Our bodies are designed to work as a whole, so we don’t just look at your eating habits and/or your physical exercise.   You can expect to look deeply at all areas of your life. Through education and support, we will help you identify those areas you wish to enrich, and the areas of your life that may be out of balance.  From there we develop a personalized plan to bring more harmony, joy, peace, health and vitality back into your life using a variety of tools and resources we have developed.  Each plan is developed by the client and coach working together, so you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need, based on your unique situation. This gives you the power to create a plan that works for your life, your budget and your ultimate goals.
A sample of some of the Resources available to you are:

Healthy cooking classes
Life Coaching
Private and/or Group Yoga Instruction
Guided Visual Exercises
Live Empowerment and Personal Development Workshops
Spiritual (non-denominational) Ceremony
Education and Support
Experiential Exercises
and more~!

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Phone Number 781-353-1553
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